K2 Brings New Training Options to Market to Further Drive Enablement and Success

At K2 we understand the key to our success is ensuring that customers have the tools and resources needed to be smart and agile in building business process automation applications to drive meaningful impact across their organization. And of course, we’re always looking to improve how we partner with customers to provide a wealth of options to help drive their digital transformation journey. This is why we recently launched the new K2 Customer Success Program to help drive innovation and enablement through various initiatives to support the best training, services, skills, and knowledge to drive success with the K2 platform.

What we have learn is when a customer buys any type of platform solution, the early stages are always the greatest challenge, and the initial steps in getting started with any new tool is always the hardest. You not only have to learn how to get the tool tailored to your needs but learn how to navigate it and use it before you can realize the value and accelerate usage and realize ROI.

To address this with our new Customer Success Program offering, we designed a series of packages tailored with a variety of services to provide guidance on every step of this critical phase from purchase to having that first application go live.

At the core of this program are four pillars which we consider fundamental to drive success. Once a customer has achieved these four pillars, they’ll be able to jumpstart the application journey, create apps faster and smarter, and ultimately unleash the full potential of K2 with an increased ROI.

At the core of the overarching Customer Success Program are three distinct offerings:

Installation Services

In short, this is an affordable and easy way to ensure a stable and performant K2 certified platform. For customers running K2 Cloud, we take care of infrastructure maintenance and upkeep for you. For on-premises customers, we’ve put together three simple installation services based on two simple criteria: your server needs, and identity management configurations.

Installation services include preparation, installation, and testing of your K2 instance. All of which is done remotely and at your convenience with the need for time-consuming scoping calls. This service provides options for both customers with or without a need for third-party identity provider configuration.

Customer Success Enablement Packages

This offering combines the necessary components of training, workshops and guided mentoring aimed at providing a helping hand each step of the way as you journey through initial application development, platform security, and administration. As part of this you will have access to our services team, either remote or onsite in which we can provide application design guidance, systems coaching and of course address any questions you may have along the journey.

This offering has both remote, as well as hybrid onsite remote delivery options to make sure you have the best offering to empower you to reduce the time to get your first app live, manage your K2 platform, increase usage and ultimately increase the ROI of your K2 investment.

Training and Certification

At K2 we’ve taken a closer look at the personae and skill set of our diverse user base, and through K2 University we have a brand-new virtual training space for customers, with two live tracks currently focusing on the K2 Power User and K2 Citizen Developer initiative.

Training and certification are offered via a number of options – subscriptions, a la carte classes, and certification exams so you can choose the best method for you in order to master the K2 platform. With these options, we’ll guarantee you have the appropriate skills and knowledge to jumpstart your application development.